Welcome to our Posies team Jane!

Meet Jane.

She has recently joined our team as a Floral Assistant for Posies & Poms and we couldn't be more excited to have her! A few things to know about her... she has a smile that brightens up any room, she doesn't like coffee but still always has lots of energy, she pours her heart & soul into her family, and she has a natural, creative talent when designing with florals!

We gave her extra flowers from a styled shoot we participated in recently and she stunned us by creating these arrangements. Beautiful!

IMG_7038 (1).JPG
IMG_7030 (1).JPG


Basic Invite

Hello Lovelies! Being in the business of botanicals we love all things leafy, floral, and fresh. Finding new ways to pair flowers, use greenery, and put together unique and beautiful creations is what we strive for with each bride and every bouquet. Flowers never go out of style and there are endless ways to to mix and match different hues, textures, and types. Flowers will always be a classic wedding day accessory and the ultimate wedding staple.

Floral decorations are that final touch which pull all aspects of the wedding together. We love providing our brides with the grand finale! But what is the first piece of the wedding planning puzzle - the opener? Wedding stationery, of course! So, we have teamed up with our friends over at Basic Invite to create what us gals here at Posies and Poms feel is the ultimate wedding invitation look - floral inspired wedding invitations!

Much like the process of creating flower arrangements and bouquets, customizing your very own wedding invitation can be as much a process of trial and error than anything, but when you use Basic Invite as your online wedding invitation station you have over 200 wedding invitation sets and 180 plus color options to play with. Trial and error then turns into a fun-filled digital coloring project!

The best part, each invitation is completely customizable. You are able to change every aspect of the card to any color and any font and you get to view your customizations instantly! Once you land on one of their many floral inspired invitations and customize it perfectly to your aesthetic liking, you can order a sample of your entire wedding suite including all of your enclosure cards and even your envelope before you place your final order! This is huge! All of you brides want to be sure nothing is left up to chance and this way you can make any changes and last minute edits to your products including a different styled cut or paper type.

After you’ve created the perfect wedding invitation suite, pop each set into one of their 40 colors of peel and seal envelopes, address them with lovely handwritten calligraphy, and place a pretty floral stamp on top. With Basic Invite by your side and all of the floral inspiration a bride could dream of you will have some seriously stunning wedding invitations that everyone will remember!

Pretty and perfect are two words every bride wants to hear and how can you not when gorgeous stationery and breathtaking floral inspirations collide? Head over to Basic Invite to kick off your wedding plans and keep your botanical visions in mind for a completely floral look from start to finish!

Happy Planning! -- The Posies Gals

The beautiful bucket bouquet

Sometimes when we are putting the bouquets together, they fall together beautifully. Sometimes they take a little extra work and time to get it right. We spent days creating and making the centerpieces and bouquets for Ellen's wedding. Her wedding was going to be rustic, elegant and detailed. We got in our groove and seamlessly finished so many arrangements but when we got to Ellen's bouquet it just was not turning out the way we envisioned it. We spent almost an hour tweaking it and adding more flowers, taking away flowers, re-arranging flowers. Jackie walked over to a large mirror and looked at it and said "NOPE". She walked over to a bucket and dropped the flowers into the bucket. We were tired and a little frustrated this bouquet wasn't coming together right. IT WAS TIME FOR A BREAK! We were going to get dinner and come back and try again. That's when Jackie glanced down into the bucket and said "I sort of like it like this." I giggled and that's when she swooped up the bouquet and we both said "I love it!" We added more greenery and a few more flowers, but we were ecstatic that it came together so easily from that bucket. It was like a magic bucket! Now don't get the wrong idea reading this. Throwing flowers into a bucket does not mean that it will turn into a beautiful bouquet, but this time, we were so relieved it worked out this way. We learned together that day that you can overthink a bouquet and sometimes something as simple as a bucket can solve a problem. Take a look at her bouquet!

Photographer: http://www.jennanicolephoto.com/


5 29 16 Michael Ellen-Michael Ellen-0037.jpg

Sister Sister

Friends! I am currently bouncing in my chair because I have what might possibly be the most exciting announcement of all time!

The beautiful lady you see in the middle is joining the Posies team as a Lead Floral Designer!

I really could not be more overjoyed about this than I am. I don't know if I've shared with you, but this whole business started out as a passion project for me. I love business and I love spending time with my mom. Since she is a flower genius it only made sense to jump in and start a floral design business as a hobby, right? Right. Until Posies totally took off and I've been having to turn away business because of how busy we are with other obligations. It has killed me to turn away business because designing flowers is my fun thing. It's the kind of work that doesn't feel like work and I love it.

I was talking to my sister about the brides we had to say no to and I stopped mid-sentance and said, "do you want to work with me?" It was the most logical conclusion. Let me tell you why. Genevieve Metzger is a person I have looked up to my whole life. When we started Posies, she lived in California and we couldn't include her in this business due to distance. Believe me, if she lived here, I would have been begging her to work with me this whole time. She is an incredibly talented and artistic woman with the type of personality that lights up a room. Also, she's hilarious. Give her 2 minutes and she'll have you laughing. On top of all these amazing qualities, she's been doing floral design for years and has assisted with some of Posies' weddings. There's no one I trust more to come in and be the point of contact for clients than Genevieve.

Brides and Friendors, I hope you get the chance to work with her! She'll take good care of you!

xoxo -- Jackie

Dunes Day

This has been something I have wanted to share for some time now. As I look through these photos I am speechless at the artistry of this styled photo shoot. It was a privilege being able to design these arrangements and seeing them photographed with this backdrop is no less than stunning! I must give credit to eb+jc and of course the beautiful Preethi who was willing to traipse through sand dunes in a wedding gown for this final product. (See all vendors at bottom)

Floral Design: Posies and Poms Floral Designs

Photography & Styling: eb+jc

Handlettering: Bethany Siekmeier

Attire: Emma & Grace Bridal Studio

Hair & Makeup: Rachel Cooper



The Day After The Dunes

Hello lovelies!

A couple months ago, Posies was invited to partake in a styled shoot with some incredibly talented people. The mastermind behind this vision was EB Combs with eb+jc. I sat down and heard about her dreams for this shoot and my heart lept for joy! We would be styling a deserty shoot in the sand dunes of colorado with a stunning model dressed in dreamy wedding gowns. Now, this is not the blog post about that shoot, that is to come later. These photos are of the pieces we did not have time to shoot because while the weather was FREAKING AMAZING for a couple hours, our shooting time was cut down by 3 hours. The lovely EB Combs and Rachel Nichols (aka: photo geniuses) took these lovely photos for me the day after the dunes. Feast your eyes and stay tuned for more eye candy when the shots from the dunes get released!

The All White One

Hello friends! It's been a few months since I last blogged about this wedding and included much less professional photos (taken with my iphone). These photos were taken by the extremely talented Riley Ralmuto and Jay Yates. This wedding was a fun and exciting challenge! Tina wanted all white to contrast the deep plum accent color she'd chosen. The result was absolutely magical. I hope you enjoy!

The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Flowers

Hey Lovelies! Being the wedding lover that I am, on the daily, I frequent many a wedding blog. I love all the details that go into the big day, but of course, my favorite is always the flowers. As I sift through wedding blogs, I tend to find lots of ideas for design, yet I rarely come across bloggers who talk about the intricacies of floral design. I find that lots of brides enjoy flowers just like me, and when you have just one wedding, it's hard to choose which design to go with for your big day. While my job and pleasure is to educate, Team Wedding is another great resource.

Take a gander and leave a comment to let me know what you learned!

Happy Planning -- Jackie

Source: http://www.topweddingsites.com/wedding-blo...

The Sunflower One

Allison and Andy were high school sweethearts. They parted ways post high school and found their way back to each other. So. Cute!

I met Allison while I was in the MAC store getting makeup for my wedding. She was so bubbly and so excited for me. I told her I'd come back after my wedding and show her pictures. A few weeks after the hubs and I got settled, I returned to stock up on makeup goodness and Allison was so sweet as I showed her picture after picture. She swooned over my flowers and I told her my mom and I did them ourselves. She asked how we'd feel about doing her wedding the following June. We were thrilled! 

Allison and Andy were such a breezy, care-free couple, and they were not afraid of color! I love couples like this. For the past year, we've been referring to this wedding as "the sunflower one" and to me, sunflowers mean fun. We had a blast with the colors and fun personality of the arrangements. Take a look and let us know what you think! I hope you like as much as we do!

Stay Classy - Jackie

P.S. Special thanks to Joshua McDonald Photography for capturing such beautiful images of this couple's wedding at Blanc Denver.

The First One

Hello beautes! Yesterday was my mom and my first wedding together as Posies and Poms. Most of you don't know but we've been doing weddings for a while. My mother has such amazing talent oozing out of her, that every friend and family member has asked her to do flowers for all their big events for as long as I can remember. It wasn't until after we did my wedding together that I realized, we needed to start making money at this, and voila, Posies was born.

Back to our first wedding as an official business... On Wednesday I woke up and put on a pretty floral dress. We've been planning for this day for a while and I knew what I needed to do. I woke up feeling like it was my first day of kindergarten, I was so excited to start my life as an official florist. I got up, put on my pretty dress and off I went to the wholesale floral warehouse in Denver. When I arrived, I was like a kid in a candy shop. FLOWERS EVERYWHERE. Our shipment was ready for me when I arrived. It didn't take long to check over everything and ask them to box it up so I could take these beauties home and introduce them to each other in bouquets.

When I got home, I assumed the 10 buckets would be sufficient for keeping all our flowers hydrated while we arranged them. After getting about 6 buckets in, I changed from my dress to yoga pants and an oversized T (maxis and puddles of water on the ground don't mix) and realized that I'd be needing more buckets since there were 2.5 out of the 5 boxes left, still full of flowers. I made a trip to Lowes, and continued taking flowers out of boxes and putting them in buckets. This took me ALL. DAY. I went to bed that night realizing two things: 1 - Since my bathtub was filled to the brim with hydrangea, I will be needing a work shop, and 2 - looking cute for grunt work was massively overrated.

The next day, my radiant mother came and started putting hydrangea, garden roses, babies breath and several other beautiful flowers together. She is an amazing teacher and within an hour, I was right alongside her creating bouquets and centerpieces. While we assembled, we watched sappy movies and had sweet conversation. Working with that woman is one of my life's greatest blessings. Everything was smooth-sailing until the day of the wedding. After dropping off the bride's bouquet, all corsages and boutonnieres, I got a call from the MOH telling me that the corsages were supposed to be wristlets and that two of the mothers wouldn't be able to pin the ones we'd made on their dresses. At that moment, 2 hours before the wedding, my mom and I scrambled to put together some wristlet corsages, and I'll say, they turned out pretty great!

Once we got everything loaded, we headed on over to Three Trees Chapel, where we would have only an hour to set up before guests started arriving. My mom and I were so nervous about this because there was a garland piece we'd made to be attached to a seating chart the Mother of the Groom (our client) had made. Now, we knew this piece would fit, but we weren't sure the garland wouldn't topple it over. Once we arrived, I started away at bringing in the centerpieces and votives and my mom got straight to work on the garland piece. After 30 minutes (what were we worried about time for?) I was finished, so I headed upstairs to see how the garland was going. As you can see below, all our worries were needless and that piece turned out better than we could have ever imagined!

After getting that guy figured out, we looked around and took it all in. Our work was done. I hugged my mom, kissed her on the cheek and thanked her endlessly for her help. She left and I stayed because on top of doing the flowers, I was also attending this wedding. Once I sat down for the ceremony, I entered full guest mode and the rest of the night was spent drinking wine and dancing the night away with my man and our friends.

This wedding is in the books and it was a success! You've just heard all about my experience and since we're starting out, I'll be continuing to share little tips I've learned along the way. Stay tuned for better pictures along with Tina and Brian's story in a few weeks!

Stay classy -- Jackie