The Day After The Dunes

Hello lovelies!

A couple months ago, Posies was invited to partake in a styled shoot with some incredibly talented people. The mastermind behind this vision was EB Combs with eb+jc. I sat down and heard about her dreams for this shoot and my heart lept for joy! We would be styling a deserty shoot in the sand dunes of colorado with a stunning model dressed in dreamy wedding gowns. Now, this is not the blog post about that shoot, that is to come later. These photos are of the pieces we did not have time to shoot because while the weather was FREAKING AMAZING for a couple hours, our shooting time was cut down by 3 hours. The lovely EB Combs and Rachel Nichols (aka: photo geniuses) took these lovely photos for me the day after the dunes. Feast your eyes and stay tuned for more eye candy when the shots from the dunes get released!