The Sunflower One

Allison and Andy were high school sweethearts. They parted ways post high school and found their way back to each other. So. Cute!

I met Allison while I was in the MAC store getting makeup for my wedding. She was so bubbly and so excited for me. I told her I'd come back after my wedding and show her pictures. A few weeks after the hubs and I got settled, I returned to stock up on makeup goodness and Allison was so sweet as I showed her picture after picture. She swooned over my flowers and I told her my mom and I did them ourselves. She asked how we'd feel about doing her wedding the following June. We were thrilled! 

Allison and Andy were such a breezy, care-free couple, and they were not afraid of color! I love couples like this. For the past year, we've been referring to this wedding as "the sunflower one" and to me, sunflowers mean fun. We had a blast with the colors and fun personality of the arrangements. Take a look and let us know what you think! I hope you like as much as we do!

Stay Classy - Jackie

P.S. Special thanks to Joshua McDonald Photography for capturing such beautiful images of this couple's wedding at Blanc Denver.