The beautiful bucket bouquet

Sometimes when we are putting the bouquets together, they fall together beautifully. Sometimes they take a little extra work and time to get it right. We spent days creating and making the centerpieces and bouquets for Ellen's wedding. Her wedding was going to be rustic, elegant and detailed. We got in our groove and seamlessly finished so many arrangements but when we got to Ellen's bouquet it just was not turning out the way we envisioned it. We spent almost an hour tweaking it and adding more flowers, taking away flowers, re-arranging flowers. Jackie walked over to a large mirror and looked at it and said "NOPE". She walked over to a bucket and dropped the flowers into the bucket. We were tired and a little frustrated this bouquet wasn't coming together right. IT WAS TIME FOR A BREAK! We were going to get dinner and come back and try again. That's when Jackie glanced down into the bucket and said "I sort of like it like this." I giggled and that's when she swooped up the bouquet and we both said "I love it!" We added more greenery and a few more flowers, but we were ecstatic that it came together so easily from that bucket. It was like a magic bucket! Now don't get the wrong idea reading this. Throwing flowers into a bucket does not mean that it will turn into a beautiful bouquet, but this time, we were so relieved it worked out this way. We learned together that day that you can overthink a bouquet and sometimes something as simple as a bucket can solve a problem. Take a look at her bouquet!



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