Sister Sister

Friends! I am currently bouncing in my chair because I have what might possibly be the most exciting announcement of all time!

The beautiful lady you see in the middle is joining the Posies team as a Lead Floral Designer!

I really could not be more overjoyed about this than I am. I don't know if I've shared with you, but this whole business started out as a passion project for me. I love business and I love spending time with my mom. Since she is a flower genius it only made sense to jump in and start a floral design business as a hobby, right? Right. Until Posies totally took off and I've been having to turn away business because of how busy we are with other obligations. It has killed me to turn away business because designing flowers is my fun thing. It's the kind of work that doesn't feel like work and I love it.

I was talking to my sister about the brides we had to say no to and I stopped mid-sentance and said, "do you want to work with me?" It was the most logical conclusion. Let me tell you why. Genevieve Metzger is a person I have looked up to my whole life. When we started Posies, she lived in California and we couldn't include her in this business due to distance. Believe me, if she lived here, I would have been begging her to work with me this whole time. She is an incredibly talented and artistic woman with the type of personality that lights up a room. Also, she's hilarious. Give her 2 minutes and she'll have you laughing. On top of all these amazing qualities, she's been doing floral design for years and has assisted with some of Posies' weddings. There's no one I trust more to come in and be the point of contact for clients than Genevieve.

Brides and Friendors, I hope you get the chance to work with her! She'll take good care of you!

xoxo -- Jackie